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Responsible breeding that will impact generations to come by eliminating genetic disorders illness and any undesirable effects. We are here to do a service and better this breed. We want to make a positive impact. Our goal is to produce the healthiest kitties and share our passion with others. We have a love for this breed and want to share how EXTRA SPECIAL this breed is


I got my first sphynx  shortly after I left my 9-5 nursing job to work from home for my husbands business. 

Having grown up in a home cattery I have always wanted to have a house full of animals and always envisioned myself working in someway with animals ( I wouldn't call this a job or work more like a hobby  or a way of life to be surrounded by these amazing little creatures )  I remember how difficult and also rewarding having a cattery can be.

It has been a blessing having these cats around to keep me company and busy after transitioning into working from home. I don't know what I would do without them.

 For the love of the breed sphynx cattery . 

A hobby of mine that allows me to surround myself with this amazing animals that I love so much. It has been amazing sharing how amazingly loving these cat are with others through breeding . If your are interested in purchasing a kitten please complete a application . 


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